Using Videos To Spread The Word…

We work with clients across Britain on getting their message out to the wider world via video

Whether it be highlighting outstanding bravery, examples of brilliant police work or to showcase in a meaningful manner what a charity, business or organisation does, we can be relied on to put together short, sharp and fact-filled films that are must watch. 

The videos work wonderfully well on the big screen at Conferences, on client’s Websites and sit superbly on Social Media.

Our top team will work with you on the video’s production – making sure all the right people are in the right place at the right time. The video’s filming – making sure the right questions are asked of the right people. And then the editing – making sure everyone sounds and looks great.

And importantly that your key messages get across. 


Working with our colleagues at Go Film, we team up with the British Transport Police Federation on their Awards of Excellence and work annually on The Scottish Police Federation’s Bravery Awards – with our videos praised by leading politicians and senior police officers alike.

And have also produced films for The Police Dependants’ Trusts 50th Anniversary, Hampshire Police Federation (above), Thames Valley Police Federation and Essex Police Federation. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can produce a viral video to meet your budget. 

“Martis Media have worked with the Scottish Police Federation for several years now… the work that they put together for the Scottish Police Federation Bravery Awards has attracted lots positive comments and has given the event a huge amount of publicity and established it as one of the main annual Policing events in Scotland.”
Andrea MacDonald, Chair, Scottish Police Federation

“Royston and his team put our award winners at ease and this resulted in a brilliant series of films which have not only been viewed thousands of times, but have got great feedback from our members; the most important outcome for us.

“The team also created a logo and brochure for the event, assisted with press releases and photography, and shared our social media content, meaning the stories of our brave and tenacious officers reached an even bigger audience.”
Nigel Goodband, Chairman, British Transport Police Federation


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