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Work with us on some #TailoredTraining and learn to make your messages meaningful!

Martis Media uses our decades or journalistic and multi-media experience to provide bespoke, challenging, dynamic and interactive Media and Communications training.

Our sessions focus on why having a polished presence in the media is important, ensuring clients are confident and comfortable to interact with reporters. We highlight what they should say and when they should say it and ensure all participants can get plenty of practice!

Want to specialise in Social Media? We can teach you the tricks of Twitter. All the fun of Facebook.

Martis Media can help you find your tone of voice – help you get the volume right – and make sure your messages have that all important impact.

Our training is tailored to individual clients within their sector.

Included in our Media Training is:  

  • A focus on why the media is so important, what delegates want from the media, what journalists want from you
  • Skills needed for TV, radio, face-to-face, and press interviews – and robust practice and feedback. 
  • Case studies of high profile cases – what the media wants, how delegates can look after themselves when in the spotlight
  • Statement writing and Social Media 

“The TV, Radio and general interview training provided by Martis Media has given me a great deal of confidence in fielding media enquiries. I now feel far better equipped to deal with the variety of media platforms. I found the training informative and thought provoking in that it highlighted the risk of getting it wrong just as importantly as getting it right.”
Craig Trow, Secretary, Greater Manchester Police Federation

“The trainers had a supportive and encouraging training style during our media course… they employed a humorous but authoritative style towards the media which relaxed the participants. A very good course and well worth attending.”
Bryan Kennedy, Chairman, Cheshire Police Federation

Included in our Social Media Training is:  

  • An outline of the huge importance of having an influential presence on Social Media – who is on it, why they are on it and what they want (your audience)
  • What is your social media strategy? What do you want it to be? Discussions on volume (how often you message) and tone of voice (how you say what you are saying)
  • A walk through starting up. What to post and when to post it. Timing is everything
  • The potential pitfalls of social media – including contempt and libel

Feel free to contact us for our rates and to discuss the tailored content you would like in your content. 

“The training was exactly what we needed, clear, understandable, fit for purpose and designed to meet our specific needs.”
Martin Plummer, Chairman, Cumbria Police Federation

“The social media training I received was professional, ethical and highly relevant. It was delivered by a company who truly understand policing in the 21st century.”
Det Sgt Ben Hudson, Suffolk Police Federation

“The Social Media training we received from Martis Media has helped us to discover a whole new world of advertising our business and keeping in touch with our clients. The training was fun and informative and packed full of useful hints, tips and tricks. We would highly recommend it.”
Adrian Redmond, Manger, Oak Tavern and Tap House

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