Why Not Tell People All About It…?

Launch a campaign to raise public awareness on the issues you and yours face. Utilising a combination of Press and PR, Social Media, Posters, Websites and Videos we can help advertise and tell your story.

We ensure our campaignsare Bold but Measured. Accurate and Eye Opening. Impactful and Informative. And importantly that your Message is Made Meaningful. 

The Martis Media team is proud to have worked on a number of successful and continuing campaigns and projects – helping to raise public and political awareness of key messages for our clients.

These have included the #CutsHaveConsequences Campaign in England and Wales – more than 1 MILLION Twitter impressions a day and 107 million timelines reached – and the #ItsWhatWeDo Campaign in Scotland – more than 1 million video views!

In 2016, we produced video-led campaigns to mark The Police Dependants’ Trusts 50th Anniversary with the hashtag #WelfareThatWorks

And we continue to support clients as they battle on a daily basis to get their message across to the press, public, police leaders and politicians. 

Some of the services we can provide for our clients include:

  • Building a Campaign Strategy
  • Consultancy and Coordination
  • Research and Development
  • Media and Communications
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Images, Artwork and Design Support
  • Videos and Graphics
The #CutsHaveConsequences campaign entered policing's lexicon in 2015

The #CutsHaveConsequences campaign entered policing’s lexicon in 2015

Working with web developers Ad Rich and video production companies, along with a pool of highly experienced photographers and designers, we ensure whatever requirements clients have for their campaign/video are met. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can develop a cracking campaign or a viral video to meet your budget. 


See some of our campaign work…

CHC billboard


“Martis Media never fails to deliver. Royston always gives considered, balanced and appropriate advice. The best evidence of this has been working with Martis Media on our fantastic #CutsHaveConsequences campaign.”

Mark Smith, Former Chairman, Essex Police Federation 




Essex PF Cuts Have Consequences



You can also see the campaign videos we have worked on for Essex Police Federation and the Met Police Federation!





Met #CHC Evening Standard#CutsHaveConsequences adverts in the Standard

Front page coverage in Dorset and North Wales…

Dorset front page

North Wales front page


And on the buses across the country…

North Wales buses 2

Hampshire buses 2

Devon bus

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